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Welcome all otakus and passers by. This is the Official Web Page for Glendale High School's Anime Club. We will hopefully post our schedule of events and showings. Along with this information, we will periodically add links of places to go and things to see. We are always looking for sponsors to our club, and if you want, you can help us by donating anything which could help our club. If you have any comments or questions please e-mail the webmasters.



8/27/1999:Links page completed! Check it out!

8/29/1999:Officer page updated!

8/29/1999:Member page up. However, there are no names posted as of this date.

8/30/1999:Events page updated!! Two new upcoming events in September! Check it out!

8/31/1999:Check out the Chat page! You can also join the chat using any IRC client to connect to DALnet, and join the #ghsanimeclub channel.

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